Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Bang Official Thread : Profile

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Daesung is the first member I watched a lot because of Family Outing and I love the "Lies" song in FO. Officially liking them since on their comeback "Tonight" 2011. Being the first Korean Boy Group listed in my favourite.
Big Bang is a South Korean male group under the management of YG Entertainment. Formed in 2006 , the group consists Kwon Ji Yong ( GD ) , Choi Seung Hyun ( TOP ) , Dong Young Bae ( Taeyang ) , Kang Dae Sung and Lee Seung Hyun ( Seungri ). Big Bang is known for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style.

Fanclubname : V.I.P ( Very Important Person )
Fanclubcolor : Has no official color.
Instead V.I.Ps wave black and white handkerchief or yellow crown lightsticks.

Just A Simple Members Profile.

Name : Kwon Jiyong @ G Dragon
Position : Leader , Main Rapper
DOB : 18 August 1988
Personality : He is pretty bright , Lightens the mood a lot, Leads the group , His senses are fast and likes to be outstanding.
The reason why I like him : Because he is super cute group leader and manage the group very well.

Name : Choi Seunghyun @ T.O.P
Position : Rapper , Beatboxer
DOB : 4 November 1987
Personality : He speaks well and is extremely stubborn. He likes to be the leader of things and speaks his mind. Shy and can't dance very well. Handsome and funniest member.
The reason why I like him : Can't deny he is a handsome person , I like to hear his voice and he is super funny when they were on talk show. Ekeke.

Name : Dong Youngbae @ Taeyang
Position : Vocalist
DOB : 18 May 1988
Personality : Does his best in everything. Doesn't like to fight. Shy guy.
The reason why I like him : His voice is daebakk! He really sings and dances very well.

Name : Kang Daesung
Position : Vocalist
DOB : 26 April 1989
Personality : Always bright with his smile. When he is around people , he lightens the mood. Doesn't like showing his sadness , known to be the "happy" one in the group.
The reason why I like him : He is really really funny guy and i love to see his eyes. I really love his sense of humor.

Name : Lee Seunghyun @ Seungri
Position : Vocalist , maknae ( youngest )
DOB : 12 December 1990
Personality : Very strong for the youngest member in the group. He is pretty mature, shy and keep lots of things to himself.
The reason why I like him : He is totally think about himself only and make the other members worried a lot about him. Always reveal a big secret about members on a every talk show and that is totally funny.

Songs and MVs that I like :

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amira azemi said...

top kita punya . haha :)

Izzati Amira said...

@amira azemi

ambik laaa..heheh

NurainSuperr said...

walaupun ain ta minat korea sangat, tapi lagu big bang mmg boleh layan lah. hhe. wah comelnya semua :D

Izzati Amira said...


waalaikumussalam (: , lagu dorg mmg best untuk di layan..lgu kpop lain pun sama..ehehe

Fafa Kawi said...

OMG BIGBANGG!!!! Ahhh my T.O.P ! <3 haha

kwon nilly said...

Daesung hubby saya ^__^ haha

Izzati Amira said...

@kwon nilly

oh tidaakkk, sye xnk kongsi hubby...ekekeke

Nurazlan Azmi said...

Deasung kawan alan :p hehehehee

Izzati Amira said...

@Nurazlan Azmi

kawan Alan tapi pakwe Zati..hahah <3

Nurazlan Azmi said...

ambik lah.....

Nurazlan Azmi said...

Zati tak minat lagu haru-haru ??

Izzati Amira said...

@Nurazlan Azmi

minat jugak, tp Lie dgn Tonight lagi best.. minat org laen laen kan? hehe (:

Nurazlan Azmi said...

betul tu....lagu lie memang best...

Hoshi Akemi said...

sepp sikit!
saya pun V.I.P jugak..heheee
btw,deep love with GD <3

Izzati Amira said...

@Hoshi Akemi

jyeahh! heheh