Sunday, December 7, 2014

SISTAR - Naughty Hands Lyrics Eng Translation

SISTAR - Naughty Hands Lyrics Eng Translation

When you softly put your hand on my shoulder
I was so surprised ( You you you )
What do you think you're doing, slyly touching
( You're moving too fast )

As if it's your habit
Your naughty hands come out naturally and I keep doubting
( don't be like that )
What if you're like this to all girls?
My thoughts are getting complicated

Those naughty hands won't work on me ( don't be mistaken )
Where do you think you're touching, I'm still not yours
I don't hate it but don't rush it
Put away your naughty hands for a moment

It's still too early, to early
I'm not an easy girl
Stop acting like a child
Your naughty hands, your cunning thought, I'm curious
What you really think of me

Oops I thought it was a "green light"
I'm sorry, don't view me as a typical guy
I guess my calculations had an error
I'm really more the conservative type than you think
Wherever my hand goes, you happen to be there
Look at my awkward stance, in case we touch
The ridges that go in and come out on your body have such a big difference
I can't figure it out, it's so hard mama
So I won't throw a fastball but a curve ball
I'll take it to heart, with my name on the line
I know where our relationship stands right now
So I don't want to make a mistake
So show me your bright smile again
It's my fault, I'll admit it, believe me
So let's walk slowly
Although I probably won't wash this hand for a few days

I pretend I don't like it
But it's not really like that
You know this better than me
Please treat me carefully like treasure
Don't rush, just take it slow baby

Credit : Kpoplyrics
p/s : Bagi aku , lirik lagu ni bagus sebab cara penyampaian sungguh direct tapi tak terlampau kasar. Perhatian ye laki-laki semua , jangan sentuh anak dara orang ( yang bukan mahram ) sesuka hati okay. Haram tauu!
Okay bye.

Pemilik blog (nineteencapri) , tidak akan bertanggungjawab sama sekali terhadap komen-komen yang disiarkan dan ianya adalah tanggungjawab sepenuhnya ke atas penulis komen itu sendiri.


Sabrina SA said...

lawanya ahli dia ^^

Diyana Hani said...

thanks sharing this lirik dear..hani datang sini

Najib Ariyan said...

salam singgah... maaf tak pandai nak komen sebab diluar kegemaran

Misaki PureBlood said...

lirik dia bagus hahaha XDD

I like at the end "please treat me carefully like treasure"


hubungan yg cepat sgt nih will bring mistake most of the time.. XDD

Nadratul Syazwana said...

Direct sangat dah ni. Kalau still ada yang buat buat tak faham jugak taktau lah haha

Jari Manis said...

arghh..minat sgt dorang nih

Scha Nazri said...

jgn ingat perempuan ni murahh!